Table Olives

All olives start off green and then as they ripen become Black. We Pick our Green Olives around May, and Black around July here in Akaroa. We mostly pick Sevillano for green olives and Kalamata, Manzanillo and Picholene for black olives.

Our Table olives are picked by hand. We wash our Black table olives each day for a week and then pickle in 10 % brine for about 8 months or more before being ready to eat. This process allows the bitterness to disappear.

Last year we sold out of Green Olives well before Christmas. This years olives are now well formed on the trees. As they are so popular we hope to pick more this year.

Green olives are ready to eat about 3 months after picking. We wash them after picking and put them straight into Sodium Hydroxide for about 6 hours. The rewash and change to 10% brine. Green olives tend to be sweeter than the black.

We package them in 6 % brine at a pH of about 4. Sometimes it requires a little acetic acid to be added to ensure it is at 4.0. They are all gluten free.

We use the variety Sevillano for the green olives and Kalamata, Picholene and Manzanillo for the black olives.

Black olives are now ready to purchase


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